Our Story

Sam Cartwright and Jake Bytheway grew up in the same town in the West Midlands and became life-long friends. They co-founded MyCBDPlus In 2017; here’s the story of how these two Midlands boys became CBD entrepreneurs.

Things were about to change.

During a visit to the United States of America he discovered the chemical compound CBD, which stands for cannabidiol. CBD is made from the hemp plant, which has much lower levels of THC – the psychoactive compound found in hemp and marijuana. The THC is removed, and the resulting CBD won’t make you high, but it retains its other properties.

Back in the UK Jake found sourcing good quality CBD products next to impossible. It is still a new and emerging industry and so there has been very little useful information available and few trustworthy businesses from which to buy. This led Jake to ask some obvious questions:

  • How do you know that you are buying a safe product? 
  • What does it contain?
  • What should it contain?

Jake enlisted Sam’s help in searching for the answers and the pair found themselves inspired; if they were to source these products for themselves, why not make them available to others?

Jake’s hope was that other people could discover the benefits that he himself was enjoying. Jake and Sam were to discover that people were using the potential benefits of CBD for a number of conditions they’d never considered.

So they sourced and developed the best CBD Full Spectrum products they could find. They wanted them to be organic, third-party tested for quality and consistency, and better value that their competitors.

CBDPlus was born.

From humble beginnings in Sam’s garage, MyCBDPlus has grown to become one of the most trustworthy suppliers in the UK market. Jake and Sam are incredibly proud of the quality of the products they supply and to have helped customers begin their individual journeys of hope and health.

Our product has benefited our customers, many of whom have been suffering with their ailments for years – this is a very rewarding thing to see.

Jake Bytheway

The reception has been overwhelming and confirmed what Jake and Sam originally thought: that a quality supplier was long overdue in the market. The product is now stocked in various retailers with demand regularly outstripping supply.

As their reputation has grown so has their customer base. So with new premises and a growing team, the MyCBDPlus story is moving to the next chapter.

To coincide with this, Sam and Jake, have been working with PLOTT to come up with a refreshed identity and new website that reflects who they’ve become. They wanted to create a brand that was credible, trustworthy and helped educate their customers on the benefits and side effects of CBD.

By adding a ‘Whatsapp’ chat feature, Sam and Jake are always available to share their knowledge. They took this important step because the internet is rife with bad information and the CBD industry remains inscrutable. Get in touch with the boys for information you can trust.

MyCBDPlus are looking to cement their status as the UK’s leading supplier for helping their customers. Currently supplying oils, capsules and balms, but with many new products launching in 2020.